Data thefts, cyber crimes and malicious attacks are leaving devastating damages on businesses – no matter whether the attack is generated from the outside or internally. Cyber and data criminals as well as hackers are increasingly stealthier and more sophisticated, and are infiltrating networks without being detected. As a result, the real cost of a data or cyber attack increases exponentially with delays in detection and time taken to respond to breaches. Cost range from both direct financial losses and regulatory impact to less quantifiable, but no less long-ranging, damage to reputation, credibility and brand perception among customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

At stredgeIT we work closely with our clients in order to evaluate their specific risk and exposure to different types of data and cyber crime. We apply a 360 degree analysis approach when evaluating the current security level and the level of risk that our clients’ are exposed to in terms of attacks but also in terms of fraud and compliance. Based on our findings we propose targeted solutions to upgrade the security level and minimize the risk.